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Professional Memberships


The TypeRighter offers a full suite of editing and writing services to provide you with just the right level of assistance. Contact us today to arrange a consultation so that we may suggest the option or package that best meets your needs.

Developmental Editing: Our most personal service, developmental editing pairs an editor with a writer to provide assistance with outlining the structure, content, themes, research, audience, length, and other elements of a document before any writing has begun. The first step in the production process, this option is best for those seeking help with transforming a concept into a project, or with refining existing strategies.

Substantive/Content Editing: Our most comprehensive service, substantive editing evaluates a document from the ground up, assessing and improving content from the perspectives of structure, tone, intent, theme/focus, audience, and clarity. This option is best for rough drafts that can sustain major changes. Substantive editing is done after a manuscript has been drafted, following the developmental-editing process, and may involve multiple rounds of review.

Copy/Line Editing: Our most requested service, copy/line editing accomplishes all of the goals of proofreading (see below), but adds awareness of flow, word choice, presentation, comprehension, and completeness. This option is best for late-stage drafts. Copy/line editing typically occurs after content editing, just before the text is sent to the typesetter or graphic designer.

Proofreading: Our most basic service, proofreading ensures that your document is free of spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation errors; corrects inconsistencies in formatting such as bullets, type alignment, and typeface; checks page numbers, captions, and headlines; and ensures adherence to in-house or other style guides. This option is available only for documents that have been typeset or graphically designed and are otherwise ready for distribution or publication. Proofreading offers critical final review to any project and is the last stage of editing in the production process.

Rewriting: This service utilizes the results of our Substantive Editing service and adds the capacity to replace significant portions of text with new wording generated by our staff. Portions to be rewritten may be identified by the client, suggested by The TypeRighter, or both. This option is best for rough drafts that require intensive revision.

Writing: This service assumes the absence of previous drafts and provides an original composition that fully meets the client’s specifications. This option is best suited to concept-level outlines and assignments with an identified purpose, reader, and length. Clients may opt to take advantage of our Developmental Editing service prior to assigning a piece. Final products include our Copy/Line Editing service.

If you are considering starting your own publication or simply want to improve your business’s behind-the-scenes efficiency, The TypeRighter can help you maximize your resources. From building production schedules to designing workflow to strategic planning, our staff will show you how to streamline your operations so you can focus on the bigger picture—or the creative details.