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Professional Memberships

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“The Hungry and the Homeless”
Transfer Snowboard Magazine
, Issue 2//2009




“Urban Legend (in the making): Pro Skater Lyn-z Adams Hawkins”
Eastside magazine, Fall 2009




“Clothes Horses, Yes. Clothes Hangers, No More.”
Originally posted as part of the “So, I Was Thinking” editor’s letter series on GirlsLearnToRide.com, May 2008
See www.crumpledpages.com for additional columns.



“Skills: Level 1 Avalanche Training”
The Drift, December 2007



“The Surfer Interview: Stephanie Gilmore”
Surfer magazine, November 2007




“Where the Girls Are: 5 Must-See Films of the Season”
The Drift, October 2007




Sierra Nevada Conservancy grant application (excerpt)
MLTPA Foundation, September 2007


“Local News: MLTPA Update”
Mammoth Times
, October 2006




“A Sherwin Battle”
Powder magazine, September 2006






“Hole Shebang”
SnowboarderMag.com, March 2006