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Professional Memberships


The TypeRighter is committed to excellence in every endeavor. Here’s what our clients are saying about our work:

“Kim is the most thorough, consistent, smart, and efficient copy editor I have worked with in 20 years of journalism. She edits my magazine; she edited my book. I often run things past her after editors at The New York Times, Men’s Journal, The Believer or anywhere else I work have been through it. She always finds something. Kim helps me sleep better at night.” Porter Fox, author, DEEP: The Story of Skiing and the Future of Snow; editor, Nowhere magazine

“Putting together Fifty Classic Ski Descents was a time-intensive labor of love that absolutely had to be perfect. We were also on a tight timeline for production and needed an editor who could handle a heavy load accurately and promptly. Kim was fantastic to work with and gracefully handled our often-hectic editing requests. I definitely plan on using her professional services for future book projects.” —Chris Davenport, author, Fifty Classic Ski Descents

“Whoa! I just finished inputting your edits. I don’t know what we ever did without you! Great job. You’re a machine. Thanks so much.” —Nils Davis, publisher/art director, Eastside magazine

“Your article was incredible. I was really impressed—articulate, well-quoted, and it even gave me a little spine-tingle with the closer. My sub-editor said, ‘This girl really knows how to write. I started to sub it and ended up just reading it.’ Thanks so much—hope we can work together again.” —Russell Holt, editor, Transfer Snowboarding Magazine

“Kim Stravers was a great editor, too. She pulled things together, made the hard cuts that I couldn’t, and made the whole book a lot more readable.” —Dano Pendygrasse, author, Out West: Snowboarding, Westbeach, and a New Canadian Dream

“Professionally, Kim represents everything you want in a copy chief: a tack-sharp pen, a distinct pursuit of perfection, and an inherent ability to understand voice and pace. Personally, I have watched Kim grow far beyond copyediting and caption writing into a full-fledged writing tour de force capable of tackling any assignment with professionalism and a welcome edge.” —Steve Metcalf, global marketing manager, K2 Snowboarding

“Kim is a creative thinker who works with her writers by bringing out the best in them and their writing to produce informative and inspiring stories. She possess superb communication skills and is able to clearly define expectations, requirements, and goals. She is a person you can trust to follow through on her word. She is an incredible editor to work for.” —Jesse Locks, writer, Thrasher magazine; advertising director, Arthur magazine

“I still consider Kim Stravers one of the best copy editors I’ve ever worked with. She worked incredibly hard, had great attention to detail, and was a pleasure to have in the office. I completely recommend Kim.” —Mike Cushionbury, deputy test director, Bicycling and Mountain Bike magazines

“Kim is a thorough and attentive copy editor who is as concerned about grammatical correctness as she is about factual accuracy. After interning at Powder magazine and checking the most minute facts for Kim, I worked in a high-stress environment as a researcher for the ESPN Winter X Games. I attribute much of my success at this job to Kim’s influence.” —Jackie Baker, owner, Freeride Foundation

“Kim is a detail-oriented hard worker. Very passionate and focused.” —Ben Warner, president, Lifestyle Media LLC

“Kim always follows though and has a great knowledge of whatever subject she is pursuing.” —Hana Beaman, professional snowboarder

“Kim is a powerhouse. She can multi-task many positions. I first met her when she worked at SG [Surf, Snow, Skate Girl] magazine; Kim organized SG’s annual Queen of the Mountain events and she wrote many articles and profiles on professional female snowboarders, skateboarders, and surfers.” —Jonnel Janewicz, team rider/product developer, O’Neill Snow